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temperature and raising chickens



Table of temperature indicators suitable for broiler production.

     Broilers are chickens that produce a large amount of meat. Tender chicken is ideal for preparing large meals as well as for proper nutrition. When raising chickens it is necessary to take care not only But let the birds eat properly. but also about the microclimate. An important characteristic of the microclimate is the temperature at which organisms are kept. Below you can find a table of optimal temperatures for broilers.

How does temperature affect broilers?

     Newborn chicks should be adequately warmed from day 1 of their own lives. A weakened immune system turns external factors into threats. The slightest amount of heat can provoke disease and death. Heat dependence persists even in adult chickens.
Farming is currently undergoing major changes. Using an incubator and an incubator allows you to skip spawning. Plus, you don’t have to keep the chicks next to the mother anymore.
      The main purpose of raising broilers is to obtain meat. Farmers need to create all the conditions for this. Taking into account this, eggs of different layers are incubated, and then the resulting chickens are raised in the house. The development of broilers and their immunity depends on the microclimate in the chicken coop. Therefore, the farmer must pay special attention to the conditions of the poultry, that is, the temperature in the house.
Optimum temperature readings in the chicken coop
The optimum temperature settings for young and old hens are different. Below is a table with related parameters.

For the growth of chicks


Optimum temperature chart for chicks

Heat control

    In newborn chickens, the thermoregulation mechanism does not work because the body is not yet developed. Their muscle mass is still too small for the body to receive enough heat when moving. Therefore, to control the heat in the chicken coop, household underfloor heating or infrared lamps are used.
It is best to feed the brooder with a brooder parent, namely a box, which can be adjusted for weather conditions and light levels. You also need to check the humidity level, probably 60-70 percent. Do not forget about the usable ventilation of the chicken coop and provide a normal level of lighting.
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