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Preparing to export chicken eggs to Taiwan

ส่งไข่ไก่ไทย ไปใต้หวัน

Preparing to export “chicken eggs” to Taiwan

             Director-General of the Department of Livestock Development revealed good news. successfully negotiated with Taiwan Able to successfully open the export market for fresh chicken eggs In March 2023, about 5-8 million eggs will be exported and there will be more export trends. Emphasizes that many countries are confident in Thailand’s production standards, quality and food safety.

Prepare to open new negotiations to create new markets. It has a positive effect on maintaining a balance between production and consumption. create stability in prices that farmers can sell 



Mr. Somchuan Veterinarian Rattana Mangkhalanon Director-General of the Department of Livestock Development presided over the discussion with Mr. Isaac Cheng-Chang Xia, Director of Policy Division.

“chicken eggs”

Taiwan Office of Commerce and Culture in Thailand and Mr. Ching Song Cheng, expert from the Taiwan Plant and Animal Quarantine Bureau (BAPHIQ) with team to determine the way to open fresh egg market to Taiwan. 

considering export conditions form of certificate as well as methods Related This mutual agreement led to Taiwan’s first approval for importing fresh chicken eggs from Thailand. which entrepreneurs can apply for export permission immediately

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On demand, fresh chicken eggs from Thailand In March 2023, about 5-8 million eggs were exported and tend to increase continuously. which Taiwan needs to consume about 20 million eggs per day

The success of this market opening negotiations is in line with the policy. “Thai Kitchen to the World’s Kitchen Safely and Sustainably”

“chicken eggs”

of Dr. Chalermchai Sri-on, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, for driving food system reform and agriculture towards sustainability build confidence in agricultural products and Thai food

By assigning the Department of Livestock Development to supervise the production of livestock products throughout the production chain To achieve standard quality to protect consumers on food safety. 

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From the source of animals from farms to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards, slaughterhouses and processing plants with Good Hygiene Practices (GHPs), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Point systems. 

That must be controlled (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points: HACCP) 

in accordance with the requirements of national laws According to the regulations of trading partners and international principles The Director-General of the Department of Livestock Development added that Taiwan chooses to import fresh eggs from Thailand for the first time. This is good news for egg farmers in Thailand that will be able to have new markets.

In addition to the former mainly exported to Hong Kong and Singapore.


“ Taiwan chose to import fresh eggs from Thailand for the first time. This is good news for Thailand’s laying hen farmers as they will be able to gain access to new markets in addition to their main exports to Hong Kong and Singapore.

In 2022, 282 million eggs were exported, valued at 1,238 million baht. Exports are likely to increase as neighboring countries face a shortage of fresh eggs due to the bird flu epidemic.


In addition, production costs have increased, but in Thailand, the Department of Livestock Development has strict measures to prevent bird flu. As a result, there has been no outbreak of bird flu in Thailand for more than 15 years. 

This is the strength of the poultry and egg industry that can produce quality, safety, and be trusted by trading partners. From now on, fresh egg markets will be opened in many countries to create new export markets.

This will result in Thailand being able to maintain production and consumption levels close to equilibrium.”



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