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Osmotic stress, which causes the body to lose water


Stress in stressed chickens

The loss rate of raising chickens by allowing them to find food naturally. This is partly due to the volatility of the weather that stresses the chickens. This causes the chicken to adjust its physical condition. Whoever does not adjust in time will show symptoms of illness. decreased immunity in the body cause infection and eventually die
The various reasons that cause stress in chickens are as follows:
– The weather is very hot and immediately turns into rain.
– Strong wind gusts all the time
– Chasing chickens that may be caused by the actions of humans or other animals
– The chickens are not getting enough food.
– vaccination of chickens
– Bringing chickens from different countries to raise them together
– Suddenly change chicken equipment
-Chickens that begin to show symptoms of illness, etc.
Stressful conditions in chickens can be prevented by taking antibiotics. or those mixed vitamins dissolved in water for the chicken to drink before or on the day that the chicken has been exposed to stressful things. The use of anti-stress drugs will result in the growth of the chickens not being stagnant, which will increase the survival rate. And get good quality chicken too.

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