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Heater for chickens during thick seasons

Heating chickens in winter

Winter heating is an important event, creating thermal comfort is essential for growing chickens and is based not only on individual concerns but also on the purely economic considerations

The need for heating

Establishing a good temperature regime is directly related to the productivity of chickens and is essential for successful farming.
Even a slight drop in the temperature of chickens, which lasts for several days, can significantly reduce the egg production of chickens and significantly reduce the weight gain of broilers, heat plays an important role in captivity, along with feeding and feeding. additional food required In addition, in the cold room, the risk of sarcoidosis is greatly increased. And there is a decrease in immunity, and when the temperature drops below 5 degrees, the bird gets arthralgia. In addition, a decrease in temperature in the hen house can cause the formation of frost and increased humidity. This inevitably leads to the incidence of infectious diseases of broilers and layers.
However, keeping birds at low temperatures affects not only chicken health. In addition to the fact that egg production is rapidly declining, there are problems with the incubation of chicken eggs. This is due to the fact that the embryo does not have enough maternal heat, as a result of which the chickens are not hatched in large numbers. This is due to the fact that chickens need to eat most of their calories, not weight gain. But when heating the body, the consumption of feed doubles, which, along with a decrease in productivity, increases the suspicion of raising chickens. In winter, the optimum temperature in the ditch is about 10-15 ° C. An increase or decrease in these values violates the biological rhythm of the chickens and adversely affects the overall condition. To measure the temperature in the chicken room, it is necessary to hang two thermometers. One of them should be placed at the entrance door and the second should be placed close to the ceiling near the top island.

When can you not heat?

To organize the heat of the rooster, two methods are used – artificial and natural. Each has different strengths and weaknesses in terms of energy consumption, efficiency and the amount of money spent. Therefore, for regions located in southern or tropical latitudes, natural methods are very suitable. The main condition for the application of this method is the absence of significant temperature drops and strong winds. If the temperature in the unheated room can be kept within 7 degrees, then natural methods are more rational, and when they are implemented, a number of heat-saving measures can be safely used.

CF 75 SPARK – gas heater

The CF 75 is designed for indoor and outdoor use, is easy to install, and its low-cost fuel reduces heating costs. Suitable for areas requiring high air flow, such as houses or animal houses, warehouses, workshops, etc. Can be used with standard LPG or natural gas burners.
» Designed for indoor and outdoor use
» Can be placed on the floor or hung from the ceiling
» Galvanized Steel Combustion Chamber
» Dual spark ignition system
» Natural gas or LP gas burners
» High efficiency heat exchanger
» Thermostat overheating
» Closed motor for safety and reliability even in harsh environments
» Galvanized steel frame
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