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egg quality standards

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Egg quality and quantity

Good and stable egg production and good egg quality are of the utmost importance for farmers depending on the yield of the live layer. In general, well-raised pulleys have better rack performance than poor-raised ones. read about Improving egg production profits through chick weight management
Enhancement of egg quality means mitigating negative factors (such as mycotoxins or pathogens) while using advanced additives or supplements for best results. Read more about Factors affecting the quality of eggshells

standard size of chicken eggs

Egg size is determined by weight per egg. or minimum weight per dozen according to the following table
Number 0
Size of giant eggs (jumbo)
Minimum weight per bubble (g) 70 g or more
Minimum weight per dozen (g) 840
No. 1
Size Extra large eggs
Minimum weight per bubble (g) 65-69
Minimum weight per dozen (grams) 780
No. 2
Minimum weight per bubble (g) 60-64
Minimum weight per dozen (g) 720
No. 3
Minimum weight per bubble (g) 55-59
Minimum weight per dozen (grams) 660
No. 4
Small size
Minimum weight per bubble (g) 50-54
Minimum weight per dozen (grams) 600
Size No. 5
Small size (pewee)
Minimum weight per bubble (g) 45-49
Minimum weight per dozen (g) 540

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